Company Profile

36Kr Holdings Inc. is a prominent brand and a pioneering platform dedicated to serving New Economy participants in China with the mission of empowering New Economy participants to achieve more.

The Company started its business with high-quality New Economy-focused content offerings, including insightful reports on companies, timely market updates and thought-provoking editorials and commentaries. The Company’s content covers a variety of industries in China’s New Economy, such as technology, consumer and retail, and healthcare with diverse distribution channels.

Leveraging traffic brought by high-quality content, the Company has expanded its offerings to business services, including online advertising services, enterprise value-added services and subscription services to address the evolving needs of New Economy companies and upgrading needs of traditional companies. 36Kr Holdings Inc. also helps institutional investors identify promising targets, source investment opportunities and connect them with startup companies directly. With high-quality content and diverse business service offerings, it has fostered an affluent and sophisticated user base and as such, attracted a valuable customer base.

The Company is supported by comprehensive database and strong data analytics capabilities. With a massive database, it is able to gain valuable insights into the latest development of New Economy. Through data analysis on user and customer preferences, it is able to recommend its content and tailor business service offerings accordingly. Through diverse service offerings and the significant brand influence, the Company has seized extensive monetization opportunities and is well-positioned to continuously capture the high growth potentials of China’s New Economy.